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I grew up in Irvine, CA., and graduated from Boise State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, which was perfectly tailored to my creative side. With the degree out of the way, I delved into the world of chocolate, and started making, designing and developing different creations for all events and special occasions...and my family loved the dessert train that followed dinner each night. In the process, I acquired a love (okay, make that a semi-addiction) of Almond Rocha. I made it all the time and, soon after I'd perfected my recipe and process, friends and family told me that it'd made a great Christmas and holiday gift and I should sell it; so, that was the first step and the official start of my desire to become a master chocolatier. Spurred by those around me, I collected several chocolate recipes, bought cookbooks, and researched what I could to further my knowledge of the craft. My catalog expanded and, with my creative juices flowing, I got to serious work. In November of 2013, after much trial and error (and a substantial amount of wasted ingredients, I might add), I launched Dragonfly Designz — the collection you now see on this site is the result of over a decade at work!
Some people call me "The Chocolate Lady" and others call out, "That's Windi Wonka!" Either name is a compliment and I accept both affectionately. I invite you to peruse the site and I guarantee you'll love the creations here, especially our wedding selections. We've created elegant and sophisticated designs to complement the bride.

I was once asked, "What do you like the most about owning a chocolate store?" I simply said that my favorite part is when someone takes that first bite of delicious chocolate and their eyes noticeable roll back; the 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' begin; and then the yummy adjectives start to flow.  The bottom line is, when they say, “This is the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted,” it makes this whole process worthwhile. The sheer delight on their face is the cherry on the cake of my creative day.

Windi MacLeod

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